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Cycle Shelters

We have many designs of cycle shelters. Our original cycle shelters, traditional shelters and more contemporary designs. All designs will deliver practical storage of bicycles and motorbikes while complementing and enhancing their environment. We also offer a range of finishes and colours to suit your environment and colour schemes.

Our  cycle shelters have a host of practical features that make them an ideal choice for cycle parking in busy areas such as schools, colleges and campuses or anywhere.

We offer cycling shelters and ancillary products to suit every budget which are designed to be complimentary to, and work well with other manufactures  shelters.

Many of our cycle shelters are of modular construction. They are  designed to be complimentary to each other and can form high security compounds.

Our most popular  design of cycle shelters, The Trent shelter is designed to deliver practical storage of bicycles and motorbikes while complementing and enhancing its environment.

Our  shelters have a  wide variety of practical features that make it an ideal choice for cycle  parking in busy areas such as schools, colleges and campuses.

We also manufacture and supply Walkways, Canopies, Benches, Litter Bins, Bollards and many other aspects of Street Furniture.

Cycling is increasing in popularity. We offer a large range of cycle shelters, compounds and security retaining systems  to meet this need. We can reduce bike thefts and vandalism on your site by installing cycle storage equipement and furniture. The tough, scratch-resistant polycarbonate roof is clear in order to maximize visibility in and around the cycle shelter, at the same time it protect users and cycles from the elements. A single bike rack will secure 10 cycles and can be extended in its length . Because our flexible modular design allows it, you can extend your cycle accommodation at any time. Our bike facilities are designed with modern cycles and security in mind. These storage shelters come with either a clear or solid back and side panels or a combination of both, allowing visibility and security where required.

The importance of secure, well located bike storage is essential and cannot be underestimated if we are to encouraged the  use of the bicycle as a means of transport. By  making cyclists welcome with modern and secure parking facilities we act to encourage people to consider cycling as a alternative to motor vehicles

To achieve good parking facilities a number of things need considering

The type of facilities : We can offer Racks, Lockers ,Shelters, Compounds

Location : convenience, safety ,security

Type of usage :short stay (few minutes to a couple of hours )  Visitors, customers and people making deliveries typically use short-term parking. It has a higher turnover rate, and needs to be conveniently located and requires a lower level of security.                      

Long-term (a full day or longer)  This is typically used by commuters and has low turnover  but requires  greater security